Holger Schau - The influence of fuses on arcing fault energy and personal protective clothing required

Holger Schau (1), Herbert Bessei (2)

Technische Universität Ilmenau (1), POB 100565, D-98684 Ilmenau, Germany,
useXpert (2), Geibstr. 27, D-55545 Bad Kreuznach, Germany,

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The level of personal protection required against the thermal risks of electric fault arcs is influenced by the characteristics of the electrical protective devices as well as the protection level of the PPE, both aspects shall be co-ordinated. The electrical protective devices determine the utilization range of PPE. Fast-acting protective devices may significantly increase those ranges. Being proportional to the arcing fault energy, the thermal arc hazards are strongly influenced by the short-circuit duration. NH fuse-links, when correctly selected by also taking into account the current attenuation effect of the fault arcs, may reduce short short-circuit durations significantly.

Measurements and test were carried out in the high-power lab to evaluate the breaking characteristics of NH fuse-links in a LV short-circuit current path with fault arcs and the resulting thermal risks of fault arcs when controlled by the fuses. The incident energy resulting from the fault arcs is measured for this purpose. Conclusions are drawn on what protective clothing tested according to the box test (EN 61482-1-2) may provide adequate personal protection in dependency on prospective short-circuit current and fuse rating. 

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