C. Rice, N. Nurse, S. Cheong - A study of challenges for fuse link protection in the new generations of environmentally friendly vehicles

Craig Rice, Nigel Nurse, Steffie Cheong

Affiliation, Cooper Bussmann, Burton on the Wolds, Leicestershire, UK,,,

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Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than traditional cars using fossil fuels, making them an ideal, real-world response to the challenge of reducing the environmental impacts of transportation. However, a number of key success factors will condition the future of the electric vehicle. Recharging infrastructure, range concern and driver safety are high on the discussion list. Most of these vehicles utilise an electric storage system together with electric drive train. To avoid rapid and uncontrolled discharge of the storage device in the event of an equipment malfunction or vehicle accident, there is a need to provide circuit protection to prevent further damage to equipment or injury to passengers. This paper explores some of the challenges encountered by the fuse world by looking at different configurations of the electric system and the specific requirements that the protective device will have to meet.

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