D. Koritnik, D. Glušič - Novelties that IEC 60269-6 brings into test laboratories

Darko Koritnik, Danijel Glušič

ICEM‐TC, Gosposvetska cesta 84; 2000 Maribor; Slovenia, darko.koritnik@icem‐, danijel.glusic@icem‐

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The IEC 60269-6 standard on Low-voltage fuses – Part 6 Supplementary requirements for fuse-links for the protection of solar photovoltaic energy system was published in September of 2010. With such, a period of uncertainty has ended when we did not know how to test fuses for photovoltaic systems. Before such standard was accepted, the manufacturers and test laboratories only had guessed how to test PV fuses. Through acceptance of new standard IEC 60269-6, there is a uniform document for serves as a guide for what we do.

Every new standard introduces some novelties and so it does IEC 60269-6, which requires some changes and completions of test laboratories. For past several years, we have been preparing for those changes in test laboratories. Equipment and measuring procedures have been further completed in relation to the information that has been received from clients and members of TC, who have prepared the standard. However, in ICEM-TC we did not go into large investments, until we were absolutely certain what would be final requirements of the standard. In our laboratory, such uncertain transitional period has been surmounting with improvised solutions that enable tests in accordance with standard requirements and did not require large financial investments. However, those solutions have been useful but time-consuming.

Presented in this paper, are solutions with which, in ICEM-TC, test laboratories have been adjusted for testing according to IEC 60269-6 standard. Temporary solutions, which are currently being used, are described as well as permanent solutions that are mostly still in the making.

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