V. Seefeld, P. Brogl - Fuse Recycling in Germany supports research and education in the field of electrical power distribution

Volker Seefeld (1), Peter Brogl (2)

(1) SIEMENS AG, Siemensstraße 10, D‐93055 Regensburg,
(2) Mersen Deutschland Eggolsheim GmbH, In der Büg 12, D‐91330 Eggolsheim,

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Verein zur Förderung des umweltgerechten Recycling von abgeschalteten NH/HH-Sicherungseinsätzen e.V. (Association for the promotion of environmentally-compatible recycling of disused LV HRC/HV HRC fuse-links)

The association is officially accredited as a non-profit association. It was founded in 1995 and since then the association is busy with the recycling of LV and HV HRC fuse-links in Germany and that on a non-profit basis. The association was founded by fuse manufacturers with the aim to return utilizable raw materials from LV and HV fuse links to the cycle of resources again. In addition the target is, that only those fuses will be produced in future, which can be  recycled without any problems.

LV and HV HRC fuses are collected in Euro grid box pallets (GBP) and smelted down in a copper converter. Compared with disassembling or shredding of fuses, the smelting procedure offers the most environment-friendly way of recycling. Material, which could cause troubles, for example like asbestos, are gathered in the slag.
The system has proved itself for more than 15 years and is running in German utilities and big industrial companies.

From the start of the association till today around 410 tons of copper and around 5 tons of silver had been recycled. As a result, it was possible to save approximately more than 43.000 tons crude ore. And we disburdened the world by tons of CO2.

Our recycling system is user-friendly as well as free of charge. The recycling system and the logistics are financed by the sales of copper and silver.

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