Averianova S., Akatnov N., Tonkonogov E. - Post – arc behavior in HV outdoor expulsion fuses

Averianova S. (1), Akatnov N. (2), Tonkonogov E. (1)

(1) Polytechnical University, Department of Electrical Apparatus, +7(812)5554293, 29 Polytechnicheskaya st., St. Petersburg, 195251, Russia,
(2) Polytechnical University, Department of Gas Dynamic, 29 Polytechnicheskaya st., St. Petersburg, 195251, Russia,


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HV outdoor expulsive fuses are popular and competitive switches for a protection against short-circuit in HV networks. Post-arc behavior is very important for breaking limits and the effects of turbulence plays one of the most important roles in the resistance restore. It is known that the turbulence plays the most important role in the arc decaying thanks to a high growth of the turbulent energy in the arc. We use the algebraic model of turbulent viscosity which is conceded this growth. In this paper results of the calculations, based on our theory, and comparison between theory and experimental data are presented.

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