Branko Pesan - Use of low-voltage fuse-links in switch units like fuse – impact on power dissipation and possible mishaps at overload and short-circuit current breaking

Mag. Branko Pesan

ETI Elektroelement d.d., Obrezija 5, SI-1411 Izlake, Slovenija;

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Low-voltage fuse-link's power dissipation and related temperature rise are prescribed with standard IEC 60269. Standard require measurement of power dissipation and temperature rise in free air.

As the use of fuse switch units, i.e. fuse dissconnectors increases, impact on power dissipation of low voltage fuse-links when used in switches is presented in paper.
Impact on power dissipation and temperature rise of fuse-links as well as fuse switch unit when incorrect connection wire like aluminium connector is used are being presented.
Possible mishaps of incorrect breaking of overload and short-circuit currents when using fuse-links in fuse switch units are being presented.
The paper is focused on use of low voltage cylindrical fuse-links in fuse disconnectors.

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