B. Česnik, Z. Nedoh - Insulated HV fuse holder with voltage indication

Borut Česnik (1), Zoran Nedoh (2)

(1) IMP-tentelekom d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenija,
(2) TSN d.o.o., Maribor,

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The most common protection of a power transformer in an end  distribution transformer substation are MV fuses on proper fuse holder. Uninsulated parts are weak points of a transformer substation (danger of contact with live parts, wheather influences, little animals etc.). Insulated fuse housing type VOH allows the design of a transformer substation with a completely insulated 20 (10) kV part. Voltage indication offers an additional security to the operator. The fuse housing is manufactured out of high quality insulating material. The fuse holder is covered with earthed metal casing.

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